Millard Campground Trail

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Millard Campground Trail is located near Altadena, CA and offers scenic views. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.



Directions from Pasadena, CA: Travel Interstate 210 north, exit Lake Avenue and go north to Loma Alta Drive. Turn west (left) on Loma Alta and drive to the Chaney Trail (flashing yellow light). Follow signs to the campground.

6 months ago

8 months ago

Hiking in this area was great fun, lots of water, practically devoid of people and a wide variety of terrain. However I would caution that almost all the trails we tried to follow or find have been eroded beyond recognition. GPS is one of the only ways to keep yourself on track and even with that help we still managed to miss our original trail on the way out which lead us to the top of the first waterfall with no way down. There are obvious trails not appearing on maps that even include posts and other signs of human placed objects only to abruptly stop due to massive landslides and erosion. Workers were clearing the trails maybe only a few miles out from the campground which leaves the rest I'm assuming all the way up to the firebreak road very difficult to navigate. I say I assume because we didn't make it very far past Dawn Mine due to debris and most of our day spent trying to find a trail and failing many times leaving us to slide down dirt hills more times than I care to admit. And good luck finding the small trail near Dawn Mine that leads out of the stream bed and runs the ridge to the East because I don't think it exists anymore. To be sure this area is really fun to hike and I recommend bumming around the area but don't expect to go faster than .8 mph or make it very far.

11 months ago

I actually went through it on a hike .. Thought it was a great little space to camp out. Rustic old buildings around it and a waterfall.. Minus water because of the drought .. Not far .. Couple different trails to hike.

3 years ago

Went to the campground, but the trail is closed there. It looks like it should have recovered from the Station fire on 2009 by now. Hiked to the waterfall via Sunrise Trail.