Lake View Terrace and Doc Larsen Trail

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Lake View Terrace and Doc Larsen Trail is a 8.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sylmar, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

8.2 miles 1833 feet Loop

dog friendly



mountain biking

nature trips

trail running


horseback riding


wild flowers


The trailhead and first ¼ mile are in a quiet residential area and crosses private property PLEASE stay on the road and don't disturb the residents or the road will be closed to public use. This trip follows Burbank Power & Light Road from Oliver Canyon Debris Basin Rd to a saddle on the ridge 1.8 miles 770 ft gain. While this seems not too steep like all Edison Roads there are some steep segments, thankfully they're not too long. So don't let the 8.1% grade fool you. Anywho I turned right here following the road toward the east. This road is FR 2N94 what if any name it has I don't know. What I do know is the name on Google maps is wrong. All along here are vistas of the east San Fernando valley and the surrounding mountains, notably Seldom seen views of Little Tujunga Canyon. About 1.1 (2.94) Miles you'll reach the junction of what I'll call "Conover Fire Road". This is yet another road I've not hiked or biked. There is a house over that way so I don't know what the access is. If you go over there please respect any Private Property. About 3.55 miles you reach a wide flat area. Doc Larsen Trail starts here on the left. This is the end of 2N94 and the junction with 3N38 "Ebby-Herreres Truck Trail" (good a name as any I've heard) The sign has been replaced as it was burned either in the 2009 Station Fire or a fire the happened a month or so earlier. The trail is easy going and well tramped in by frequent horse traffic. Encountering horses on a bike can be problematic on a steep narrow trail, please keep your ears open and your speed in check. It is best to get off the trail on the downhill side when encounter horses either on foot or on a bike. At about ½ mile along the trail (4.02) you reach the junction with Fascination Spring Trail and the Doc Larsen Horse Trough. There is a good spring here feeding the trough I suppose you'll need to filter or treat it some how to drink it. The trail is very steep past here in places making sharp turns and sandy creek crossings until you reach the BP&L Rd (AKA Oliver Cyn Rd) at 5.2 miles. You're on Private Property here and only permitted to turn left here. This "Edison Rd" is alternately easy going with some very steep segments and some sand. But it goes quickly with views of Little Tujunga to lull you along. One down side to this is the shooting range across the way, and buzzing of the high voltage lines when they are energized. At 1.35 miles(6.55) 520ft gain (7.3%) you reach the saddle you turned at a while ago onto 2N29. You're in the home stretch now 1.8 miles to go! Some of the mile posts along the way are... spur rd 1.68 miles 1837ft Spur Rd 1.29 1675ft Dry creek crossing 0.97 1525ft Power Pylon 0.69 1530ft Power Pylon 0.53 1409ft locked gate 0.27 1263ft. There is another horse trough along the road here past the Gate for the Debris Basin and a drinking fountain.