John Muir Trail in Kings Canyon

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John Muir Trail in Kings Canyon is a 86.1 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Bishop, California that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from July until October.

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John Muir Trail - America's most beautiful long-distance trail - is a 220 mile point-to-point trail running from Yosemite Nat'l Park south to the summit of Mount Whitney, with an exit at Whitney Portal. The trail is primarily used for backpacking and is accessible from July until October.

3 months ago

If you hike this trail you will continue to daydream about it til the day you die. Awesome!!!

3 months ago

4 months ago

I recently completed a backpacking trip along the John Muir Trail. The scenery is amazing. If this isn't the most beautiful long-distance trail in the country, it has to be on the short list. I started at the Cottonwood Pass campground and hiked northbound. It took two days to reach the JMT from the Cottonwood Pass area. My entire trip ended up being around 240 miles long.

Videos of each day can be found on my YouTube channel. I also have some videos about the gear I used and food I packed on the trip. A link to the video for day one is posted below. Mt. Whitney is day three if you want to jump to that one. I just posted day 11, which was in the Selden Pass area. This was the most beautiful area on the trail in my opinion. Enjoy!

5 months ago

Very hard. Be prepared.

8 months ago

Fell into a life long love of mountains when I first encountered the Rockies, only to have them redefined by the Sierras a year later. I knew I had to come back for this trail and in 2014, I conquered it.

This might be the most beautiful trail in the country and should not be missed. Logistics and challenge together make for the greatest test for reward and beauty. Highly recommended if you need to change your life in any capacity, and we could all change a little.

1 year ago

Amazing trip. 21 days of hiking in a post-card, so beautiful. Lots of planning required. Definitely a bucket-list type of trip.

Most amazing experience

2 years ago

Hike of a lifetime! Hope to do it again!

4 years ago

Loved backpacking this trail! 220 miles of AWESOME

4 years ago

The John Muir Trail is magical and should be on your bucket list.