Fort Bragg - Sherwood Road

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Fort Bragg - Sherwood Road is a 42 mile point-to-point trail located near Fort Bragg, CA. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for off road driving.

42.0 miles Point to Point

kid friendly

off road driving

off road driving
1 year ago

I drove from Willits to Ft. Bragg. It was Labor Day weekend, but there was not a lot of people on the trail. There were a couple different groups of hunters, and I thought I would have more company on the trail as I followed a couple of Jeeps in. I did not rate this trail very high for a few factors:
1. It is NOT challenging in a 4x4. There are some ruts you need to be aware of, and you do need some ground clearance because there are some narrow roads that have a few inches of rise in the center, but I never even considered taking my Grand Cherokee out of its everyday "Quadradrive" setting. If the ground is dry (which it was), you could make the trek in a 2wd. However, I can see that it could get muddy and maybe even treacherous after some moderate rain, so if you're making the drive, be aware of that.
2. It is NOT that scenic. This is a ridgeline drive, and you do get some nice views of the valleys along the way, but if you're looking to drive through the woods and end up looking down on the Pacific, you're going to be disappointed. However, the road does end right at the beach.
Like I said, I drove from Willits. You need a map or GPS to get through Brooktrails, and then the road sneaks up on you a little, but once you're on the road, it;s pretty easy to follow along. I did encounter one locked gate, but found another road (even a bit of a shortcut).

off road driving
3 years ago