Fonts Point

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Fonts Point is a 4 mile point-to-point trail located near Borrego Springs, CA and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for off road driving and is accessible from November until March.

4.0 miles Point to Point

kid friendly

off road driving

scenic driving
3 months ago

I'd say this is more of a good drive with an amazing view opposed to a hike or backpacking route. it's a pretty popular spot for photography day and night. The trail there is mostly sand/soft sand. I've seen 2wd vehicles make it but I always recommend a 4wd when traveling the trails. It is a pretty obvious trail and hard to stray from, (there's even signs saying not to go off the trail) so that shouldn't be an issue. As usual, bring water and watch keep your kids and pets close as there's a pretty nice drop off at fonts point.

off road driving
2 years ago

A must-see. Easy, short sand wash that ends overlooking badlands. View is spectacular, especially at sunset. I wouldn't recommend this for 2wd vehicles as it's very easy to get bogged down in the soft sand.

Air down your tires to make the washboard much more tolerable and easier on the car. Normally mine are set at 37 psi cold. I air them down to at least 28 while hot. It makes a huge difference in not only the comfort of the ride but the amount of traction through the sand. You can air back up in Borrego Springs which is a short drive back from Font's Point. Just drive a little slower on the pavement than you normally would.

nature trips
2 years ago

Highly recommend this place. Such a beautiful location for photography, especially at sunrise and sunset. I made it out there with a Chevy Aveo (barely), but I wish I had taken a 4wd vehicle. My car almost got stuck in the sand several times, and my suspension took a pretty terrible beating.

off road driving
2 years ago

Beautiful view. It's a mini badlands. I made it out in a Chevy Cruze, barely. Just don't slow down or you could definitely get stuck where the sand is softer. Keep it 25 mph and above and try to avoid the visible soft spots. If you see a soft spot ahead you can't avoid, hit the gas so your momentum pulls you through! Could put a bit of a beating on your vehicle.

off road driving
3 years ago

I've been exploring Anza Borrego for awhile, and this is definitely one of the best places to see at sunrise or sunset.

It's a fun drive down the sandy, windy wash to get to it, and it's well worth the diversion while you're out there. Also there's a secondary point of viewing this area that's equally good and much less visited. It's called Vista del Malpais and you'll find it just a bit east along the rim of fonts point. You'll be treated to a beautiful multi-color banded view of the land.

4 years ago

So glad I took the detour from ocotillo wells to see this. The wash is wide and sandy, but it's not about the trail. It's about the view. You can stand at the edge and overlook a 1300ft drop to the bad lands. When you get there don't forget to look east and west!

off road driving
5 years ago

Short trail but an amazing view of the Borrego badlands! For anyone planning a trip to Anza Borrego make this your first stop it's a great introduction to Anza Borrego and a perfect way to start your trip!

off road driving
6 years ago

Easy Trail only rated Moderate because this wash can become very sandy at times, vehicles can get stuck when conditions are sandy. If you have 4 wheel drive you should have no problems at any time.. The trail leads you to the look out where you can look at the badlands which is amazing especially at sunset when my picture was taken!