Flanagan and Chamise Peak Trail

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Flanagan and Chamise Peak Trail is a 4.6 mile out and back trail located near Redding, California that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is good for all skill levels offers a number of activity options. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

4.6 miles 725 feet Out & Back

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If you want a 360 degree view of all things Shasta (Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake, Mount Shasta and City of Shasta Lake), look no further. This highest spot atop the mountainous spine separating Keswick Reservoir from the City of Shasta Lake affords expansive views of the upper Sacramento Valley, the Sacramento River canyon below Shasta Dam and the western mountains. Flanagan Trail starts at the Flanagan Road parking lot and climbs up and over the ridge to the Upper Sacramento Ditch Trail. Chamise Peak Trail starts up the Flanagan Trail before turning right at the pass and continuing up to the top of the peak (1628). Great views from the top.

3 days ago

This trail is pretty cool and it is good for people who don't hike all of the time. It is gradual incline climb to the top of the hill. It does provide a nice view of the damn and the river.

9 days ago

Great trail for the views. We took a drone to get bubble pics for our gear VR. Heighly recommend. Bring a picnic lunch as there is a bench to sit at when you reach the top.

This is a great trail if you're by yourself with a friend or your dog. This hike is not too hard and yet is not too easy. Beautiful view of the river, dam, lake and Mount Shasta once you're to the top. There is a bench halfway to the peak and then once you're at the peak there is one picnic table.

1 month ago

trail running
2 months ago

I enjoyed it. Very clean trails!
Such a beautiful View♡
Perfect for a quick trail run in the morning.
Very well marked!

3 months ago

Amazing how well cared for theses trails are...it's definitely accessible for all, but I respect the Mtn bikers on this... give them room on the downhill!
Beautiful views

3 months ago

4 months ago

Quick easy hike. It is uphill but not strenuous. Gorgeous when you reach the top. No restrooms, no trash cans. Make sure you have a bag to pack in and pack out. It was a quiet morning, just me and my dog. Didn't see anyone out there. I would do again

4 months ago

4 months ago

Great hike, beautiful views, but i would not classify
It as "easy" especially for a novice or one not prepared for a continuos uphill 2+ mile treck. I feel that might lead someone to try it who is not prepared.

4 months ago

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1 year ago

Yesterday my daughter and I, hiked up to Chamise Peak. It was easy to find the trail head, by punching in the address: 17171 Flanagan Rd, Shasta Lake, CA 96019, in the GPS. It takes you straight to the trail head, at Flanagan Rd (right outside Redding, CA.) I have Verizon, and had cellphone reception the whole time (only two bars at the trailhead, but four bars most of the time.)
You start out following Flanagan trail, for a little more than one mile. It’s impossible to miss the turn to Chamise Peak trail. The trail is very well marked, and maintained. There was never any questions of where to go. There are other ways to reach the top (from Sacramento Ditch Trail,) but this is the most popular, and easiest way. This packed dirt trail circles its way straight up to the top, without being to steep, or strenuous.
It was my first time hiking this trail. My 3,5 year old daughter, could rather easily managed the 2.4 miles climb up the peak. (Chamise Peak trail is only 1.2 miles, but since you have to start at Flanagan Rd trailhead, the total length that you hike, one way, is 2.4 miles.)
It’s a turn around trail, so the distance from the parking lot, and back, is 4.8 miles. I would rate the hike as easy+ (it’s rated moderate in some hiking apps,) it is uphills all the way to the top, and then downhill on the way back. Definitely family friendly. The only downside I can think about is, that there’s no restrooms, or trash cans at the trailhead. (Be sure to take all your trash with you. Pack in, pack out. Leave no trace.)
The sun was shining, it was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit when we started out (around 10am,) and almost 80 when we finished (around 1.30pm.) Nice t-shirt weather, without being too hot (February.) There was a light breeze in the air. The forest was quiet, and smelled like fresh pine. Beautiful manzanita trees decorated both sides of the trail, in the beginning of the hike. I know manzanitas are like weed here, but for a Swede like me, they will always be exotic.

Bring enough water! My daughter and I drank two water bottles each, I wouldn’t recommend bringing less (we had more with us.) Our dog drank from a creek in the beginning of the trail, I’m certain that creek will be completely dry later in the season.

I’ve equipped us with sturdy winter hiking boots, thinking it might be snow higher up. There wasn’t any snow. Better safe than sorry..lol. The ground was dry, no steep climbs, or trees over the trail.
The 360 degree view at the top is hard to beat. The peak stands at 1,628 feet high. I knew the view was going to be spectacular, but it totally took my breath away. All my daughter said was ”WOW! ”
On a clear day you will see: Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake, Mt Shasta, the City of Shasta Lake, Keswick Reservoir, Trinity Alps, and even Mt Lassen. We were lucky, and was able to see it all. I wanted to do this hike now, while the mountains still are covered in white. I especially wanted to get a good shot of Mt Shasta, covered in snow. I got it!
We had some leftover pizza (that we made for the Super Bowl,) that we enjoyed at the picnic table, on the top of Chamise Peak Trail. The fresh mountain air, and exercise made us very hungry. I recommend bringing something to eat! We stayed at the top for about 40 min. After drinking a lot of water, munching on the pizza, a couple energy bars, and some apples, we headed back down. We took our time, and strolled slowly down the mountain side. I held my daughter’s hand most of the time, because it was too tempting for her to run down the trail. The sides are rather steep, and the trail is narrow on some places. I felt that it was safer keeping her closer to me. The hike down to the parking lot was very enjoyable.
We had a marvelous day. The views from the top are magnificent. I imagine this as the perfect spot to bring out of town guests. The hike is not too exhausting, and can be made in a few hours. Locals use the trail for every day exercise. This could be your perfect Sunday trip for the family, a great place for a date, or a picnic with friends, and it’s definitely dog friendly.
This trail, and the view from the top, showcase the beauty of Northern California at its best. We’re definitely going to do this hike again!