East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere)

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East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere) is a 9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Azusa, CA that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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This trip takes you along the banks of the east fork of the San Gabriel River. While the river banks are wooded and quite lovely, most of the trail traverses the rim above the high water line and most of your travel is through scrub brush. The highlight of the hike is a mysterious bridge built over the east fork in 1936, which has no road leading to it. Actually, in the 1930's a road did lead to it, but was swept away by floods in 1938. There are some small trails that lead down to the stream just after you cross the bridge. This is a stunning setting with shear pink tinted granite walls, roaring cascades, and the lovely bridge in the background. Route finding was a bit challenging with many day use trails mixed in with the main trail, washed out sections of trail, and over a half dozen stream crossings (bring waterproof boots even when the water is low). I was also astounded at the number of swimming holes. This place must be a zoo in the heat of the summer! The trail along the East Fork of the San Gabriel River to the Bridge to Nowhere is not only one of the best trails in Southern California, but it's also one of the most unique hiking experiences you'll ever have. After you leave the crowded (and overused) trailhead area, you will increasingly find yourself awed by the rugged canyons deep in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Multiple river crossings and shaded glens await you on this trek, with the final destination a 130-foot concrete span bridge leftover from an attempt to build a road north through the canyon. Most of the road is gone, now, but the bridge still stands - and is full of bungee jumpers on the weekends. A short trail down from the bridge leads to some top-notch swimming holes, making this a perfect hike on a hot, summer day.

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I had the opportunity to do this trail on Saturday it was a epic hike need to bring plenty of water unless you bring a water filter and you can use the water from the stream to drink. Part of the hike is open and the sun hits hard; didn't make it to the bridge due to the heat but I will try it again in a couple of weeks. By far the best hike yet..

6 days ago

A serious hike not a stroll by the beach but beautiful scenery! A little of everything from crossing the river, multiple times, climbing up rocks, over fallen logs...resting under big shaded trees! Bring 4 bottles of water minimum, PB&J, granola bars, oranges...you will need the fuel! Enjoy the hike!

8 days ago

Moderate hike. Hot day and was nice to be able to walk through the river instead of trying to cross without getting wet. Lots of bungee jumpers not ready to do that yet.

9 days ago

Backpacker paradise! Bring a filter, there's nothing like crisp river water on a long hike! Also feel free to ask the river guys for help on the trail, they know the ins and outs! So fun, our favorite weekend getaway :D

11 days ago

It took us about 6 hours to and from! It's hard to tell where you are going since in some parts the trail just disappears ones you hit the wooden bridge ur half way there best advice follow the river! Recommend to take plenty of water and a snack since it is a long hike. Ones you get to the bridge enjoy the view at less for me it will be a long time before I go back on this one! Beautiful views take water shoes since you will have to cross the river in a few occasions it's an easy hike just very long! I give a 4 star since in my experience it's just hard to find ur way and too long but it is a great experience!

12 days ago

Is a really great workout. pretty intense but worth it!

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Beautiful riparian hike. Close to LA. The payoff is a deep gorge with a bridge over it with illegal bungee jumping. Exciting.

21 days ago

A relatively easy hike. Wouldn't need much exercise or training prior to doing. Good scenery along the way and not much incline, if at all. Wasn't crowded either.

21 days ago

I was a long trail, but we'll worth the hike.

23 days ago

We went in April. The drive up was beautiful, as was the trail/bridge. And it was fun to cross the river on numerous occasions. I don't recommend it for beginners, and it may also be a good idea to take someone along who's done that hike before.

We made the long to the bridge with little difficulty, but on the way back, the unmarked trails (and our stubborn pride) got us stuck on a Cliffside for nearly an hour. We were certain we were going back the way we came, but the trail ran out and we thought we'd just skuttle across and it would resume...it did not, and we couldn't figure out how to get back where we started. Eventually we "slid" (fell) back down to the river as carefully as we could. Getting stranded was frightening, and for me personally, it will be a long time before I go again. I want to someday to conquer my fear and create a happier memory.

Though some say that it is hard to get lost, I beg to differ. There were numerous spots where the trail forked or all but disappeared. Nothing is marked once you get going and there is not always a place to walk near the river.

*** When in doubt, follow the most visible trail/easier option. (My scars are a reminder that sandstone does not make for good footholds while attempting to "Mt climb.") I'd give it 3.5 stars due to difficulty and visibilty of trails.

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This is a serious trail which needs to be taken seriously. Bring lots of water and start early. Beautiful and Hard

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river trekkers, soggy socks suck, awesome hike, herds of big horn sheep sightings