Dinkey Creek

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Dinkey Creek is located near Shaver Lake, CA. The trail is primarily used for fishing and is accessible year-round.


2 months ago

Just spent a weekend pulse at Dinkey Creek Campground. The campground has a large number of camp sites that are spacious and clean. The campgrounds were full over the weekend, and there was a large number of people and it seemed crowded. The sites were filled with a number of large family unit, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, and lots of kids, all on the same camp site. Walking around the campsite the people were very friendly and you had to have a good feeling because of the fun that was being had by all. Dinner time and evening it was a little noisy with laughter and the sounds of family get togethers. The noise was gone in the evening by nine, and the camp staff will take care of any people making to much noise. During the day the camp was quite for the most part, many of the people go to the creek to fish and swim. By Sunday afternoon I would say three quarters of the sites were open, and the camp site took on a more out in the woods atmosphere. It was very open and not crowed at all. Camp sites were clustered around flushable toilets that the staff kept pretty clean. There is water at each toilet, but not at the sites themselves. This is dry camping, but a trailer and a number of tents can fit at each site. The creek was down terribly, but the campers before us had dammed the creek creating pools that were cool and refreshing. The current was slow, but could be very fast earlier in the snow runoff season. Reservations are almost always required. The staff in charge of the camp sites kept everything clean and orderly, and they are around to help in any way the can. I will be going back again.

1 year ago

Trashed. Overcrowded.