Swiss Canyon Trail

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Swiss Canyon Trail is a 2.1 mile out and back trail located near Desert Hot Springs, CA that offers scenic views. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

2.1 miles 403 feet Out & Back

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nature trips

trail running



5 months ago

5 months ago

Love these trails Brice canyon turns into Lewis canyon then way up back it continues to Meadow trail. Great trails very beautiful. I've made it all the way up to the Virgen De Guadalupe Shrine. Where someone planted real roses up there. Most definitely hiking there again soon.

6 months ago

good app

1 year ago

The out-and-back canyon trail (Swiss Canyon trail, Brice Canyon trail, or Mike Lewis Trail; it has a lot of names) is INSANELY well maintained by folks who live near it. I met one of the guys a couple years back. They hauled a lot of the trash out of the area and have set up impressive lines of rocks on each side of the trail---very aesthetically pleasing.

People make messages along the trail with rocks and by scratching words into the dirt, which makes the walk feel even more personalized by the neighborhood. While the trail is described as flat by Laura Randal in her book "Day and Overnight Hikes: Palm Springs", it does steadily incline as one goes.

The hilly trail nearby, which features steps carved into the dirt in some areas, its good for a workout or to get a vista of desert (especially impressive at night), but is less personalized by folks nearby. I've even run into a few people on the trail, them going up while I walk down towards home, which is surprising because it can feel sometimes like I'm the only one who hikes it. Always fun to see other folks out there :)

2 years ago

This is a very nice trail. I followed Brice canton trail, which doesn't climb any of
The hills but stays in a canyon that circles between several hills, kind of generally circling to left up canyon. All trails here are lined with two rows of rocks, easy to follow although the Brice canyon one seems to be the only named one. Anyways, I went
Up canyon for an hour, very pretty.

3 years ago

This is another workout trail, similar to Bump & Grind in Palm Desert. Very steep trail, didn't do the loop but I believe it's possible, you'll end up descending at the Country Club Project Site. If you attempt to do your loop by going down one of the Valleys don't be surprised to encounter some dangerous cliffs that's impassable! Don't take any chances and return to the trail so you're sure to return safely. There's no shade, benches, drinking fountain, trashcans, restrooms on this trail. There's no cost to hike or park. Parking is either at the dirt road where this trail starts or the neighborhood street curb.