Clovis Trail

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Clovis Trail is a 7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Clovis, California and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for walking, trail running, and road biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

7.0 miles 65 feet Out & Back

dogs on leash

wheelchair friendly

road biking

trail running


Sugar Pine/Old Town Clovis Trail: 13 miles from River Park SC to Dakota via downtown Clovis; connect to Woodward Park via Sheppard and Cole. This trail begins at Fresno Street and Nees Avenue and runs along Friant Road to Shepherd, then East to Willow. The trail then continues South along Willow and runs Southeast in the City of Clovis. The trail is paved and includes over 4,400 trees planted by 3,000 volunteers setting a Guinness World Record! The trail offers a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees so there will always be something to see for the many joggers, bikers, and families just strolling along. Paved trail, benches and a large variety of trees. The trail is accessible for cycling, running, walking, rollerblading, horseback riding, and wheel chairs.

27 days ago

This is a fantastic skate trail!
I dont mean rollerblading or skateboarding, I mean good old-fashioned quad rollerskating. 7 miles is cake on the skates and the most challenging piece is making it back up the ramps on the return trip. Uphill (even though only slight)is still an endurance pusher no matter the skill.
The scenery is nice and the trail is maintained quite well.
There are plenty of trees and benches and although you can hear traffic at some points, for the most part its serene, calm and visibly pleasant. Even families with small children dot pose as a nuance and can even be passed as therapeutic and peaceful.
For a beginner trail, I recommend it to anyone anytime of day.

5 months ago

great trail, a lot of traffic, bikes, dogs, walkers, runners, roller bladers, small hills, and a fee tunnels. this is my go to trail, I'm able to knock out a 6 mile run there awesome !!

road biking
7 months ago

My house is a block away from Willow/Shepherd where I can hop on the trail and take a very nice ride along dry creek. After moving back to Fresno from living near Santa Monica beach (and the amazing bike trail that's on the beach) for 3 years I have found a new appreciation for this awesome trail. There's so much life: couples walking with their baby in a stroller, the middle aged man on his road bike with all his gear, kids hanging out after school, etc. and a small peaceful creek with huge trees keeping you shaded from the hot sun. It definitely makes doing cardio exercises much more bearable! I'm so grateful for this trail.

8 months ago

I walk the trail almost every morning with my dog Buddy. Very scenic. A great place to bike, jog or walk where people are friendly and polite. Lots of shade along the way and a creek and reservoirs make for a fun outing for Buddy.

road biking
9 months ago

It's a fun road to ride your bike along. Pretty basic trail going through Clovis. Lots of joggers on the road so make sure to call out your left or right to keep them aware of your presence. Fun to do in the morning or late afternoon.

9 months ago

1 year ago

Ride my bike on this trail everyday on my way to work. Great to have a paved, urban multipurpose trail, but many groups on it are rude and travel side by side blocking the path.

road biking
3 years ago

I have run this trail in various sections for several years. This time I cycled from the trailhead at Nees Avnue and SR 41 to Shaw and Clovis Avenue. There are several crossings that require the rider to make some interesting traffic handling decisions. When the trail goes through Downtown Clovis the trail abruptly ends in a parking lot with no directional signage, (if there was a sign I didn't see it). Had I not been familiar with the trail prior to riding it I may have been confused. There are several underpasses along the trail, and at one at grade crossing there are dedicated warning flashers for motorists warning of trails users. Most of the crossing utilize existing traffic signals. Crossing at Sierra and Clovis Avenues and Shaw and Clovis Avenue using the crosswalk while on a bike is not the best of situations. Overall I haad a good experince however I would likely avoid riding the entire lenght of the trail and leave that to the runner in me.

4 years ago

Nice and easy

trail running
5 years ago

This trail is great for joging on, riding bikes,or just a walk with the dog. The trail is 99% flat with a few very mild down and up hill areas.