Cerro Cabrillo/Cabrillo Peak

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Cerro Cabrillo/Cabrillo Peak is a 2.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Morro Bay, CA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is accessible year-round.

2.4 miles 795 feet Out & Back


trail running




wild flowers

no dogs

just had some trouble near the top.

2 months ago

Good hard climbed

2 months ago

Great trail. We brought our kids, 9 and 11.

5 months ago

Not a bad hike. Being an avid Az hiker, this hike took me out of my element a bit, but back to my east coast roots as well. Been used to dirt and cactus, and this hike had more green plants. I wish I would've seen some mention of the possibility of Mountain Lions on this hike, on this site, as I may not have done the hike alone. Luckily there is information about them at the trailhead. I was paying more attention to snakes, but I don't feel like there's a high chance of coming across them on this hike. Enjoy the hike, just be safe while doing so.

6 months ago

Wanted to hike this today with my dog, but all of the signs clearly say No Dogs.

7 months ago

First time hiking this trail- I totally forgot t record it in this app but I did capture the hike on map my run app- oh well next time. I am new to hiking- but not to exercise. My husband and I did the trail and looped around and found ourselves coming out on the west end of the trail then had to take the highway for a short distance back to our car. This made our total hike just under 3 miles. I wouldn't call this an easy trail- but it was on the easy side of moderate in my opinion. The day was beautiful and there were only a couple of people on the trail- probably because we did the hike on a Tuesday in April :)
I would recommend this trail- the plants and the vistas made it totally worth it!! We even spotted a bird I've never seen before :))

8 months ago

Very good trail, although poison oak is starting to take over at the very top of the mountain. Might need to hike up with roundup one of these days

8 months ago

Had an awesome hike here. Well marked trails, check the map at trailhead or use the live map on all trails to confirm when you get to the splits. You won't get lost but just a matter of miles and comparison to posted hike. Extremely beautiful bring your phone or camera, it is much much better than it looks from the street or parking lot.

9 months ago

You can't bring dogs, this info is totally wrong.

1 year ago

love this hike!

2 years ago

Cerro Cabrillo is a great, medium-length intensive trail area that hosts lots of great spots for biking and climbing in addition to hiking. The hike starts out basically in a rock quarry, lots of sedimentary rock crumbling around and some dry brush. The ascent up the main peak goes through a dry gulch that has some tough spots to maneuver, but nothing to stop an adequate hiker. There are a lot of fine rocks and loose dirt along the trail, so be sure to wear shoes/boots with good traction. At the top there is a whole crop of boulders to climb around on and plenty of areas to perch and soak in the surrounding views. Lots of different kinds of wildflowers were blooming in the fields. The post at the trailhead has a sign saying no dogs allowed, so that might be a new enforcement to keep in mind.

4 years ago

This is an awesome trail. It's steep, hard, and requires jumping rock to rock over gardens of poison oak. This one will remain one of my favorites.