Cactus-Sleepy Hollow Loop Trail

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Cactus-Sleepy Hollow Loop Trail is a 2.9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Foothill Ranch, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until October.

2.9 miles 692 feet Loop

kid friendly



mountain biking

nature trips




wild flowers

no dogs

Cactus forest, pond, live oak woodland, vistas, mountain lions Whiting Ranch affords the casual hiker ample opportunities for experiencing the many moods of the chaparral. Alas, that this beautiful trail is plagued by two hazards: mountain lions and suicidal mountain bikers. The Cactus Trail segment of this loop marks the location where a biker was killed by a lion in January 2004. During the winter months, you will find sign along these trails, particularly near the Upper Pond. A more common hazard are heedless bikers who zip down this trail at speeds well exceeding the posted 5 mph. They have cut a deep groove down the center of the path and in many places it is extremely slippery even in dry weather. You will be glad to reach Sleepy Hollow, a hiker's-only-area which leads off to the right. Live oak trees shade and clutter the path with their leaves. I have not seen puma sign here, but don't drop your guard.

13 days ago

Nice trail, lots of options and difficulty levels. Will go back again

2 months ago

Start at Concourse Park (free parking) and find the trailhead to the right of the park. It's downhill until you connect to the Sleepy Hollow Trail which is narrow and takes you through a pretty grove of live oaks. Look out for mountain bikers. Trail continues up to a ledge and then loops back around to the bottom of the hill that takes you up to Concourse Park. The uphill climb is somewhat steep and a bit long so you'll probably be huffing and puffing as you climb out to your car. All told, this is a beautiful hike with not a lot of people on it. Loved the oak grove and the ridgeline views.

9 months ago

Was a fun hike. Saw two gopher snakes and some great sights. There were a lot of inclines.

1 year ago

Super clean and nice people in the trail

4 years ago

Hiked this trail along with the Billy Goat Trail today. Beautiful scenery and nice and shaded, however, I can see it being really hot in the summer. Lots of trail options at all different levels. Looking forward to going back and exploring the other trails. I saw lots of mountain bikers but everyone was friendly and courteous.