Boo Hoff Trail

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Boo Hoff Trail is a 8.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near La Quinta, CA that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until November.

8.2 miles 1236 feet Loop

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6 months ago

This isn't the Boo Hoff trail, just a hike in the La Quinta cove. The Boo Hoff is a 9 to 12 mile hike depending on where you finish at the lake or back at the cove.

7 months ago

Great- the boo hoff trail is 9 miles one way, but connects to the cove trail at the lake Cahuilla visitor lot... For another 4 miles to make a nice loop. It's easy to loose the trail, but there are people about... Bring lots of water!!!

7 months ago

I wouldn't say it's easy- maybe moderate... Especially once you head into the mountains- I took it and connected with the cove to lake trail for a challenging 12 mile loop... Bring plenty of water!!!

8 months ago

Very beautiful. Fun hike. Cool canyons with ropes near the trailhead.

11 months ago

Some good elevation to get yer sweat on and incredibly quiet once you get back into the canyon and if you so desire it can be just a wash walk

1 year ago

every Wednesday......

3 years ago

Pretty nice trail and clearly defined. It’s a popular area for mountain bikers. This area is your typical desert, meaning low desert shrubs, also means you'll need a hat and sunscreen. Around July you only want to be hiking there before 10 am. You go past 10 you're putting yourself in a horrible predicament because temperature can reach 119 degrees. Best to hike also after 6:30 pm and return to your car by 8:15 pm or you'll be hiking in total darkness. The views on south, southeast and southwest are the highlight of this trail, if you're a photographer that's where the opportunities are. Not too many wild life, most of the time you'll more likely encounter lizards than coyotes or crows. Since it's never a good idea to under estimate the Desert! Always bring more than enough water. A camel back is perfect, specially if you fill it up with water with lemon and honey, put that in the freezer the night before and the next following day add 16 oz. of water to assist defrosting. Then you’re set. Nothing better than drinking chilled water, it's just the best... :)