Boat Road to Bommer Ridge and Emerald Canyon Loop Trail

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Boat Road to Bommer Ridge and Emerald Canyon Loop Trail is a 8.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Laguna Beach, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

8.3 miles 1788 feet Loop



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7 days ago

Overall a great experience. Ocean views for the majority of the hike. No trees, though, so it is quite sunny and hot the entire time. The trails intersect and are a little confusing to follow, but regardless of the trails you take you get a similar experience. Slightly busy but not too bad. It is as hilly as described-there are more than a couple of steep inclines.

A great way to spend the morning.

10 months ago

Super easy one to do. You can park in the residential neighborhood and enter through the fire road entrance. You will go uphill for about the first 1/2 mile but it is easy and kids can do it.

6 years ago

Saturday morning we went looking for the trailhead to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. It was easy enough to find, North PCH in Laguna Beach, turn towards the hills on San Joaquin Street, go to Hill Crest Drive, turn right then a quick left on Dartmoor Street and at the end of Dartmoon is the trailhead.

You take Spur Ridge uphill for about 3⁄4s of a mile, then youre at the top. Stay to your right and the trail turns into Boat Canyon. This is a nice trail, up and down some hills but nothing too hard. After you hike Boat Canyon for a few miles youll run into Bommer Ridge. Make a left and hike Bommer for about 3 miles and you'll first see Old Emerald Canyon, hike pass this trailhead and about another mile you will hit Emerald Canyon, there you will make a left. Now looking at the map it looked like you could walk through Emerald Bay to PCH. Emerald Bay is a gated community, so I was a little confused on if we could walk through or not. Once we got down to the canyon floor and into the oak grove there was a sign that said there was no exit. There is where the Old Emerald Canyon trailhead was so we started up that trail heading back to Bommer. The Old Emerald Canyon trail is a single path trial. Luckily, On this trail, we didnt run into any mountain bikers. If we had we would of had to hop into the brush pretty quick. All the other trails on this hike were pretty wide, and mountain bikers and hikers could easily share those trails. One thing I havent mentioned yet, is that we started around 9:00 in the morning and the marine layer was pretty thick. We had been hiking for a few hours and the marine layer was still sticking around, it wasnt towards the end of our hike the sun eventually came out.

After a good long uphill on Old Emerald Canyon we made it back on to Bommer and head back to Boat Canyon. The views there are actually pretty amazing. I love the ocean and the hills and got to see a lot of both all day long. We really didnt run into any wildlife on this hike, but it was nice to hike on some trails we havent been on before. We were about to head down Spur Ridge to the car when we decided to go to Guna Peak to have a look. Its really nice at Guna Peak and there are benches where people can have a seat and just take in the view of Laguna and the ocean. Its really nice.