Avalon Bay

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Avalon Bay is a 1 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Avalon, CA that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.0 miles 8 feet Out & Back

dogs on leash

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly




nature trips

road biking

scenic driving

sea kayaking





wild flowers


old growth


Avalon, Catalina Islands main town, is only one square mile in size and everything is within easy walking distance. In fact walking is the preferred mode of transportation. Outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to explore Catalina Island on foot. Hiking and biking permits are required.

2 months ago

Stopped at Catalina Island on a cruise. Walked the town and went on a tour of the island

1 year ago

This is not a hike just a city visit. To see the beauty of the island please escape all the idiots on their golf carts and go explore the real hiking trails, where animals aren't scared away by noise, drunk tourists and loud golf carts. The city is cute but you have seen it in an hour. Go up the hills or in the water and the real beauty reveals.

1 year ago

We stopped at Catalina Island while on a cruise. The island was fun to explore and had a lot of different activities. We rented a golf cart and drove it around the island, went snorkeling at Lover's Beach, walked along the boardwalks to a variety of different shops, and rode bikes as well. Lots of fun activities.

3 years ago

This is more of a casual stroll than a trail. It is quite nice and scenic.
I only recommend a single daytime stay in Avalon unless you like to party.

3 years ago

I have been here several times over the last few decades. It's a must see for first timers, but once done the real adventures begin at Two Harbors. My view, who needs Hawaii, we have Catalina and the Channel Islands.

3 years ago

Avalon Bay is a small city, around a mile square. You can easily walk 5 miles without noticing it and walk all the streets in a couple hours. The Avalon Bay front is the best walk, whether you're on the beach or the sidewalk. It's considered Hawaii in California, I’ve heard from locals the best time to be there is July 4th. The tours are definitely worth exploring and relaxing on the beach is the best. If you're a scuba diver then you've come to one of the best place. This town is unlike many cities because there are no cars, so the air is really clean where you can appreciate the fresh ocean breeze. Mode of transportation is mostly by foot unless you rent a bicycle or a golf cart. Explains why this city is really quiet and the only sound you'll hear are the people talking or walking and the crashing of waves. If you're lucky you might hear a musician on the beach or the sidewalk. If you're not relaxing at the porch then you should be at the beach under a shade! :)