Araby Trail East Loop

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Araby Trail East Loop is a 1.6 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Palm Springs, CA that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is accessible year-round.

1.7 miles 321 feet Loop


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Go to the intersection of Hwy 111 and Southridge Dr and go Southridge Dr, quick right on Rim Rd.

10 months ago

This is the trail on the east side of Araby Trail at the Canyon Wash that creates a small loop hike.

1 year ago

Hiked this loop trail a couple years ago. This is an awesome loop hike; it’s one of those custom loop hikes because it’s not really a defined trail on a portion of this loop. If you look at the photos you can pretty much determine where I walked but let me try and explain it in words. Trails are usually hiked using a trail map, not a paragraph description. Anyway…

1. Hike Araby all the way to the summit up to where the trail ends at a fourway intersection. If you go right it takes you to Berns Trail, if you go straight it takes you to the Goat Trails.

2. So where you want to go is left, the trail goes up a hill, a short hike where it ends to a “T” intersection. At the “T” intersection go right, another short hike where it ends to another “T” intersection to a wider trail that bends 90 degrees. Anyway at the “T” intersection go left, if you go right, it takes you down to the Goat Trials, but if you go left, it takes you to a trail that nobody hikes, for some reason that trail is always deserted of hikers! Continue on that trail where it dead-ends.

3. Where it dead-ends is going to look scary, because it looks like a cliff. This is where we separate the boy scouts from expert hikers. First just look at the landscape, and visually study the terrain where you to find the safe path to take, drawing an imaginary line. It might even help if you use your pointer finger to assist your imaginary line to visual trace that path, so you can see with your eyes where you’re going to go before starting. The first 500 to 800 will be super take time; we’re talking 0.5-mph descending. Because you have to be extremely careful! Your footing becomes critical, where you might be on all four (using both hands as well) at some spots. Just to be absolutely sure go as slow as possible at the first 500 – 800 as you’re descending, you have all day to make it down to the street there’s no rushing necessary or required to accomplish this. The goal is to follow the valley where the rainwater would travel. That’s the imaginary trail you want to follow all way down to Cherokee Way (street).

4. When you’ve arrived at Cherokee Way it will be a “T” intersection, go left, all the way where it dead-ends. Continue straight towards the wash, and just before the wash you’ll see a trail on the left, take that trail which will take you back to Araby Trail. Once you’re back at Araby Trail, then hike down to return to the parking lot.