American Eagle Trail

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American Eagle Trail is a 1.8 mile out and back trail located near Foresthill, CA. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

1.8 miles 190 feet Out & Back

dog friendly


1 year ago

Really not sure about this trail. The starting point has been placed on the map, but very little details about where it goes from there. I attempted to hike this trail, but not sure if I found it because none of the details matched up.
First of all, the Pioneer Mine Rd is gated at Elliot Ranch Rd stating no motor vehicles beyond that point as it is private property. But nothing about no trespassing or hiking. So I started my hike there. I hiked this road all the way down to the bottom of the canyon, about 4.5 - 5 miles, and passed by a private ranch type residence near the bottom. I saw the owner, but just kept hiking and he did not engage me.
Once at the bottom of the canyon near the starting point, I finally found a trail that follows the river downstream. It was a good trail, but beware that there was lots of poison oak starting to grow onto trail. I followed the trail downstream for about 2.75 miles before I had to turn around due to time constraints and having to hike all the way back out of the canyon before sunset. I believe I was less than 1 mile from reaching the Euchre Bar Bridge Crossing. But along this trail, there was several different old abandoned mining equipment to be viewed.
So in conclusion, I may not have found the actual American Eagle Trail. But if I did, the trail info does not match up to what I found. But I would recommend this long hike as the canyon is a very beautiful place to hike.
My hike info:
4.5 miles down into canyon on Pioneer Mine Rd, 2.75 miles downstream, and back
14.5 miles total / 6 hours
2000' drop into canyon