Afton Canyon Drive

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Afton Canyon Drive is a 19.8 mile point-to-point trail located near Ludlow, California that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and off road driving.

19.8 miles 413 feet Point to Point

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off road driving


3 days ago

Love it. Nothing to crazy. We live locally but we always find ourselves out there at least 6 times a year if its camping for the weekend or heading straight out from our place in newberry.

off road driving
2 months ago

afton canyon is vast. it has many historical sites to look at. some of the canyons off to the side have trails that wind through the cracks become caves have ropes and latter's to get up then eventually put you on top of the canyon. there are petroglyphs if you know where to loom. there are dunes as well. there are also places where the tracks used to go through where there was minning.

2 years ago

I love this placed so much I got married at the campground! Hikes, off roading and rockhounding in one spot. We call it the Little Grand Canyon of The Mojave.

3 years ago

This is the place to go if you love the desert. The road goes alongside the railroad tracks. In the winter there's lots of water in the river(for the desert) so if you're walking its best to walk along the railroad tracks at the two river crossings, just make sure there's no train coming!
There are tons of little canyons you can walk up and a few places where you can follow narrow gullies up to the top of the canyon walls and get amazing views. I spent an entire day exploring little nooks and crannies in the canyon walls. Can't wait to go back.

5 years ago

This is a great place being one the few areas of the mojave desert were the mojave river actually flows above ground, but more so in the winter. This is a fun place i recommend to those that love the desert and love exploring. -scott d