Spadra Creek: CR 677 to Clarksville

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Spadra Creek: CR 677 to Clarksville is a 6.8 mile trail located near Clarksville, Arkansas. The trail is primarily used for whitewater kayaking.

6.8 miles

whitewater kayaking

6 months ago

2 years ago

Walked the un paved side of this trail today. Wonderful walk, bridges have been added and the trail is currently being improved. Saw a coupe of would be small waterfalls, just drips today. Can't wait to go back and do the whole trail.

4 years ago

Great trail along the water moderate hills or a branch with less hills. Less than a quarter of a mile off I-40. Worth stopping for. There is a paved path or the unpaved trail. Access behind the Clarksville, AR McDonald's.