Hailstone River: FR 1463 to Boxley

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Hailstone River: FR 1463 to Boxley is a 13.3 mile trail located near Deer, Arkansas. The trail is primarily used for whitewater kayaking.

13.3 miles

whitewater kayaking

whitewater kayaking
2 years ago

Not for the faint of heart.
A great ride. Be careful.

4 years ago

This is the beginning and uppermost section of the Buffalo River, Americas first National,Scenic River. It's called the "Hailstone Section". If you're not an Experienced class III Whitewater paddler, stay off this section! It is nothing like the other 130 miles of the Buffalo River which is class I and II. This is a long stretch in a remote wilderness area, and it can take all day to get down it. just last year 2 idiots put on late in the afternoon ( 1st mistake) in inflatable kayaks ( 2nd Mistake) with no whitewater experience ( 3rd mistake that could have killed them) they didn't make it very far, lost the kayaks, got separated by the river, rescuers found one the next day, and the other one 2 days later, both wondering around in the woods lost. No gear, no food, no planning.... they were lucky to be alive. further downriver they likely would have drowned. The Hailstone Section rarely gets to the "runnable" level and is a hard one to catch as it goes down quickly too. but be prepared if you go. have enough food and water to spend the night if needed. it won't take but a few delays to be worried about getting to takeout before dark. Steep bluffs on both sides of the river make it very difficult to walk out ( and for rescuers too) Not a good place to get hurt. Due to remoteness.