Arch & Pedestal Rocks, Caves Trail in Richland Creek Wilderness

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Arch & Pedestal Rocks, Caves Trail in Richland Creek Wilderness is a 7.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Witts Springs, AR that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and camping and is accessible year-round.

7.6 miles 1278 feet Out & Back










Arch & Pedestal Rocks, Caves Trail follows an unofficial trail and bushwhack from Richland Creek NF campgrounds to the bluffs deep in the wilderness that contain caves, an arch and Pedestal rocks. Waterfalls and cascades are passed on the way to the caves. The Bluffs containing the caves are about 1 mile past the twin falls. From Twin falls you cross the river below the falls, climb the steep hillside to the right, turn sharp left and cross back over the river above the falls and then follow the ridge line about 1 mile to the bluffs containing the caves. The twin falls you pass on the way are 17' and 19' tall that occur where two creeks merge into one. Richland Falls which is a side trail, is only 6' tall but is one hundred ft. wide. The trail is rugged and quite faint at times. Care must be exercised at the water crossings. The twin falls are fed by wet weather creeks and are best seen in the fall and spring seasons. On the way back their is a short spur that takes you to Richland creek falls.

11 months ago

We went to this "trail" via the Hill Cemetery. We followed an old log road for about a mile and came across our first cascade waterfall which was great-though we had to dodge tons of down trees and thorn bushes on the way. From there, we crossed and then maneuvered down to go along the creek. This was a very tough way. We did get to see the Hamilton Falls and Twin Falls, but felt like we didn't have time to go any further because we had crossed the creek several times and gone from the creek up to the bluff a few times trying to find an easier path. There wasn't one....... Our GPS helped us find our way back and our hike was over 7 miles from Hill Cemetery to Twin Falls because of all of our zig zagging. Will go again to find the caves, but will go from trail at the campgrounds probably. We were exhausted from the rock hopping & steep bluffs when we got back to the truck.

3 years ago

This area is better known as the Sandstone Castles

3 years ago

This bushwhack is as good as it gets in Arkansas. Several waterfalls and cascades along Richland Creek and the others you traverse. The destination of the caves alone is worth it. We camped in the caves before heading back to the trailhead. The whole trail is demanding, the last mile was a steep climb. Worth every step.