Willow Springs Loop Trail

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Willow Springs Loop Trail is a 7.9 mile loop trail located near Forest Lakes, AZ that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

7.9 miles 226 feet Loop


mountain biking



1 year ago

It's basically a nice woodsy walk around Willow Springs Lake. We weren't even sure if we were on an official trail at first as you have to walk around a fence and hop over the cement side of a dam, then walk over the grassed over top of the dam before you see a sign declaring it a bike trail. I think it would be difficult hauling a bike over that part personally, but it's a nice walking trail. Nice and flat for a large part of it. We just stay on the edge of the lake and there are some nice spots for stopping for a picnic, doing a little yoga, and just enjoying the fresh pine air, beautiful lake views and birds. We didn't even come near getting all the way around. I think you would have to be a backpacker and plan on camping out (not sure if it's allowed) for that as we walked for a few hours and could still see across the lake where we parked. It does eventually get a bit less flat and even the further around you get. Ultimately, I was 5 months pregnant the last time I went here and it was not strenuous at a lax pace.