Weaver's Needle Loop Trail

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Weaver's Needle Loop Trail is a 13.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Gold Canyon, AZ that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from October until May.

13.1 miles 3332 feet Loop



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6 months ago

Beware!!! This was a beautiful trail but it is NOT 13.1 miles. We clocked in about 18 miles. Since we did not expect this extra distance we ended up scrambling in the dark to finish. It was a terrible end to what could have been a great hike.

We went clockwise. The west side of the loop was very beautiful and a good consistent incline. The top of the loop and east side of the trail did not have good trail markers and was very hilly up and down the whole way back.

Broken record but bring extra water and food.

I have had is distance calculation problem on a few trails on this app and it is a very dangerous problem.

7 months ago

I solo hiked this on 4-9-2016. I started at 7:10 am it was 60 degrees and finished at 2:30 pm and it was 83 degrees. I went counterclockwise starting on the Bluff Springs trail for about 2.5 miles, then the Terrapin trail for 3 miles, then the Dutchman's trail for about a mile then headed back on Peralta. My hike tracker had it as 13.55 miles. I was told that since I am not used to such heat I needed to carry extra water. I took 6 liters plus two 8 oz bottles, I only needed 3 liters. I also ate 1 shotblok every mile. I stopped for lunch when I was at about the 7.5 mile mark. No shade at this point, but a big cloud covered the sun just long enough for me to enjoy the coolness. The sun is no joke here. I wore a T-shirt and a long sleeve white shirt. I rolled the sleeves up a bit and put on sunscreen. I sunburned through the shirt below the arm of the t-shirt and above where I put on the sunscreen on. I only encountered 5 people by the time I got to the Dutchman's trail and then I met 2 people there. Only 1 man farther out on Peralta. When i started getting to the more popular place, there were several people. I took 191 photographs and was lucky to see many of the cactus in bloom.

9 months ago

Awesome but bring enough water! It's a long hike and I ran out and almost died. Some guys gave me water when I saw them! Thank you out there!

9 months ago

Great hike with a rewarding view at the end. The altitude increase is gradual and consistent so it's barely noticed.

9 months ago

10 months ago

Outstanding loop - classic Superstitions.

11 months ago

1 year ago

3 years ago