Mohave Trail (#200)

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Mohave Trail (#200) is a 2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Phoenix, AZ that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.0 miles 531 feet Out & Back

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23 days ago

This is another good alternate hike in the Phoenix Mountains Park. It is far less crowded and quite scenic. I parked at the Mohave lot and took trail 200 to it's end for a great view of the rest of the park, as well as the city. The 202 trail is great too, you can take an unnamed trail to the top of a mountain before looping back to the connector trail. This is a steep climb with great views. This trail is great for views of wildlife, nature, and big and beautiful houses. Good for solitude as well.

1 month ago

Back on Mohave today. A quick hike after work. This is a short, fun hike that lies directly across Squaw Peak Drive from the Summit. It is not terribly difficult, but you can raise a sweat if you hustle. It might actually be a bit boring, except for the chance to do a little bushwacking on the way up. To find a little adventure, where the trail turns right to continue along as it is defined, veer left instead and start scrambling over rocks. That course is manageable, even if a little bit unfriendly. The trail definitely ends there and the hiker is left to scramble up the rocks to the top. It is not really difficult, but one could easily miss a step and crash down onto rocks. Reaching the summit from that approach, one finds the rough end. There are pretty rocks at the top and a great view of the Summit. There is also a face along the western side and I think that is one of the few places in the park where a hiker could die. Mohave is the 200. There is also the 202, which is the Mohave Extension. That is also a decent hike, and they can both be done on one trip.

5 months ago

Mohave is one of the more interesting trails at Piestewa Peak Park. Not overly difficult but it can still raise a sweat. There are 2 sides to it, the 200 Mohave and the 202 Mohave Connector. Getting to the top of the 200 it is necessary to scramble over fallen down boulders and then up to the top. There are good views from there. The 202 is the more difficult trail, climbing through switchbacks steeply up the side of the mountain. Either way there is a little work involved.

8 months ago

Thought I'd try a new hike today, so I tried this one. It was a Nice trail, not difficult for me at all. The first part is steep, but after that, mostly flat. Like I said, a nice (nature) trail. Probably won't do it again.

8 months ago

My friend Alice, and of course Happy the Dog, met at the trailhead at 8 AM. The parking lots were filling up, but we both found spots to park. The trail markings weren't as clear as they might have been; that is, if we had kept our eyes open, we would've seen the small note on the last marker that read 'Trail Ends'. Since we didn't, we forged ahead, thinking we were still on the trail. Once we figured out there were no longer any markers, we headed back the way we came, and I guess we get extra credit for extending the trail. Not sure I would call this trail EASY, as it was a pretty significant cardio workout. I was pleased that there were so few people on the trail, and those we met were happy to meet Happy, off leash though he was. Gorgeous day, good trail, I'd do this one again.

9 months ago

10 months ago

Snuck over to this trail today for a quick after-work hike. It is conveniently located about halfway along Squaw Peak Drive, turning off of Lincoln. It is an interesting hike, presenting good diversity and even some challenges along the way. Traveling southwest along the trail, one comes to a short scramble to the top of the mountain, where the 200 continues along. The very top is no more than about 1,400 feet. At the top appears the only real danger on the trail, being a fairly sheer face that falls all the way down. Watch out! The top presents beautiful views of the close-by Squaw Peak summit, plus the various surrounding mountains. A good hike! Be sure to try it.

1 year ago

Mohave Trail is Squaw Peak #200. Mohave may also be spelled Mojave, and a discrepancy exists as to spelling, as the sign at the foot of the trail spells it Mojave and signs along the trail spell it Mohave. Oh well, Mohave is Mojave is Mohave, at least to those of us who speak exclusively or primarily English. Squaw Peak, of course, is now called formally Piestewa Peak, but I cling to the Squaw Peak of old. Squaw Peak is jam packed with hikers, and today is a holiday so I expected a big crowd, but I saw only one other hiker on the trail, and an attractive one at that. There is parking close by the trail, and it picks up immediately above. This trail is pretty easy to maneuver. There really are no challenges to speak of on the whole trail, except for a little, well marked side trail that climbs abruptly up the side of the mountain. That is very narrow and covered in loose rock with very few footholds. It could be seen as an accident waiting to happen, and at the end of that side trail there is actually a rock climb that presents its own dangers. That climb ends on top of the mountain. I didn't do it today, but I have done it before. For anyone wanting to climb rocks at Squaw Peak, that's one place to do it. Mohave is not a loop. It goes up and over the mountain, continuing on the other side out of the park.

There is also the Mohave Extension, #202. That parts with the main trail near the base and then heads east. The Extension is actually harder than the main trail, rising to what looked like about twice the height. The Extension requires careful stepping, and it does take your breath away.

3 years ago

Very busy out today, lots of people everywhere and parking was hard to find. Other than that the weather was great and so were the views