Lower Soldier Camp Trail

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Lower Soldier Camp Trail is a 6 mile out and back trail located near Tortilla Flat, AZ and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from October until April.

6.0 miles 521 feet Out & Back


4 years ago

Please note that the trail wasn't ever found so this review doesn't necessarily review the trail. The review does, however, make recommendations for those who do attempt to find the trail and what the experience entails.

1. Despite the trail being in a designated wilderness area, you must drive through multi-use lands (Tonto National Forest) in order to access the TH. Prior to arriving to the TH at Cottonwood Camp, you will be met with LOADS of ORV on FR 143 and FR 401. In addition, this is a popular shooting area. Be very careful. Because most, if not all of the signs were shot out, we searched in vain for any sign of a TH around the Cottonwood Camp area. We walked along the Tonto National Forest and the Four Peaks Wilderness boundary searching for anything that resembled a trail and decided to explore the area realizing we would not be completing our hike for the day. Realize that you will hear plenty of noise from rifles and you will see plenty of shell casings making your hike not as peacefully anticipated. We headed back towards our vehicle that was parked near Cottonwood Camp. To make a long story short, TWO bullets ricocheted and whizzed by our heads. We ducked and ran. We eventually arrived at our vehicle unscathed.