Liberty Bell Arch

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Liberty Bell Arch is a 5.3 mile out and back trail located near Willow Beach, AZ. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.3 miles 1175 feet Out & Back

dog friendly


29 days ago

This was a great hike. Couple of climbs to get your heart rate going but overall pretty easy hike. Make sure to keep taking the trail up the hill to the left after the bell because there is a beautiful view of the Colorado River that is well worth it.

5 months ago

Access closed for construction. Check before going :(

1 year ago

This is a wonderful hike, as long as you start on the correct path! We ended up doing almost 4 hours of walking due to markings on the trail. The marked poles are great at first, but disappear after the first ones.

Be sure to head straight down into the wash. We had followed the trail markings from the start, but shortly after beginning, we saw a huge rock-arrow off to the left and thought THAT was the main trail----it is NOT!! I believe it leads to the Hot Springs trail (or another trail). We walked almost 20 minutes before we realized it was not the trail we wanted (also finally looked at our GPS to check the location - - we were way off!).

As long as you go straight down the wash area, you will see the rock markings on your left (after about a mile) which leads uphill. There is no big arrow any more, but plenty of rock piles to let you know the spot. If you stay in the wash at that time, you will head towards the river.

After that, the trail was easy to follow. The views are awesome, the cacti were blooming, and the arch is beautiful to see. Continue another 20 minutes or so after going around to the backside of it, then uphill some more, and you will be rewarded by the scenic view at the Colorado River overlook.

Take at least one extra bottle of water than you think you'd need - - we had just enough to cover the walk (it was about 75 degrees in early March) but could have used the additional bottle. Watch out for the loose gravel/rocks on the trails as we did a lot of sliding on the uphill and downhill parts.

Overall, well worth the hike!

2 years ago

This trail has the most rewarding view I have gotten on any Trail here in Las Vegas so far! I highly recommend it...just don't go when its crazy hot...regardless the time of year take plenty of water. Don't stop hiking when you see Liberty Bell, believe me you will not be disappointed! When you get to "Y" in the trail which is marked by a pole, go right... left is "White Rock Canyon" leads you to the river...Make sure and follow the app if you have it because its very easy to lose the trail at the beginning, once you get to the first over look its pretty easy to follow the trail after that. Have fun!

2 years ago

Great Hiking experience. My favorite about the hike, every angle has different landscape and beauty along the way. One side is looking at the black mountain, the other side looks sandy and other side is a small hill with dried plants.
If you enjoy nature, you would appreciate the beauty of this dessert hiking trail=)

The hiking trail gets a little confusing when you get down the wash. Keep in mind to make a right turn after like a mile (approximately) from the parking otherwise if you go straight, that will lead you to white rock canyon trail


3 years ago

Toughest part about this trail is finding where to turn off of the white rock trail...look for an arrow pointing right made of rocks on the canyon floor...this is where to head...after a short while there will be a fork in the trail...head left and uphill...eventually you will pass some old mining equipment then head toward the arch...the backside of the arch has the best profile for my unexpert opinion this arch seems to be in danger of collapsing ...the rock in the area is extremely weathered and crumbly...take caution climbing around the arch...make sure to continue on the trail to the end which will climb to the top of a mesa with a great view of black canyon and the Colorado river...the view is worth the extra distance

4 years ago

Pretty cool hike. It forks off from the White Rock Canyon Trail (which leads to the hot springs). There's a post in the road that signifies the trailhead (see picture). If you find yourself in the narrow White Rock Canyon with the walls to high to escape, you've gone too far. Just follow the trail and you'll come up kind of from the back of liberty bell. Continue on the trail because it ends at an overlook which offers an absolute stunning view of the Colorado River and the surrounding areas. You can also even see the Mike O'Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (the big bridge that goes over the Hoover Dam).