Lees Ferry and Spencer Trail Lookout

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Lees Ferry and Spencer Trail Lookout is a 3.7 mile out and back trail located near Page, AZ that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until May.

3.7 miles 1555 feet Out & Back

kid friendly




Historic district, ruins, canyon, Colorado River, shipwreck John D. Lee -- one of the perpetrators of the Mountain Meadows Massacre -- was exiled here to serve as the operator of the only crossing servicing the Arizona Strip. This trail takes you through the historic town of Lees Ferry, past a steamship wreck, and along the upper reaches of the Grand Canyon. Expect no shade along this route. You'll spot plenty of rusting equipment and sandstone ruins left by Lee, a mining company, and various drifters. Magnified by its proximity, the Colorado River -- which seems green from the rims -- flows deep blue indigo. Be sure to visit the Navajo Bridges, the steel spans that replaced the primitive ferry at this point.

2 months ago

Review for: Spencer's Trail & Spencer's Lookout

My most-memorable hike to date. It was short but goes straight uphill for a few miles: and is worth every second and every step.

The trail itself is wicked. You are essentially walking up the side of the Vermilion cliffs. It feels raw. You trample shifting and broken piles of limestone and walk along what, at times, barely resembles any trail you're probably used to. Hard to describe. You know where you're going: the path is beaten down and visible, but there are few man-made alterations and it lacks that canny resemblance of, say, a forest trail.

The top of Spencer's Trail features one of the most breath-taking scenic vistas I've personally experienced, with an epic view of the Colorado and Page (head a bit North West to the edge to get a good look at the river).

Overall, this trail is unlike other national parks. Once you're at the top of the plateau, the next amount of time and distance is up to you. You can walk north a bit, do some cliff climbing towards the southern part: there are seemingly no limits except for what you're comfortable with. That true freedom in such a magnificent, beautiful place is a rare treasure and rare experience after visiting so many heavily-controlled and exclusion-zone-riddled national parks.

Sidenote: if you climb the small plateaus/cliffs to the south east at the top of the lookout, you will find a geology survey marker. Uploaded a pic of it, and a few sick panoramas.

7 months ago

This is a nice trail especially on a warmer day. You're near the water and can stick your toes in (though I wouldn't advise getting much deeper than that...depending on river levels the currents is really moving). There's lots of stuff to see though not much of a hike. Be careful not to step on sand Spurs and other thorny plants especially if you take your shoes off.

1 year ago

Not much of a hike but a beautiful location with a bit a history.

1 year ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I chose to hike by the River and the Orchard, The River trail was quiet and there were plenty of spring flowers along the trail which made it really beautiful. The trail itself is not steep but the trail is rocky, there is a lot of side stepping, and different paths. And as a must a great view of the River! The Orchard Trail is very short but fun to see with the old houses.

2 years ago

Cathedral Wash to the Colorado is a fun hike. And Spencers Trail is awesome. Beautiful place.

4 years ago

Nice little side hike in Lee's