Historic Route 66 Back Country Byway

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Historic Route 66 Back Country Byway is a 42 mile trail located near Kingman, AZ. The trail is primarily used for scenic driving and is accessible year-round.

42.0 miles

scenic driving

scenic driving
2 years ago

No dirt these days between Kingman and Oatman, or farther west to Golden Shores and Topoc at the California line. Oatman is still worth a stop, with twice daily "gun fights" in the middle of the street. The Gold Road Mine about 4 miles east of Oatman is operational again and there is some traffic around there. Also, new construction on the east edge of Oatman.

Between Kingman and Seligman you will pass by the Hackberry Store (worth a stop), Valentine (turn-of-the-century Indian school), Peach Springs, and Grand Canyon Caverns. Degadillos Snow Cap is still in operation, along with other shjops in Seligman. Plan to spend at least an hour.

The section of old Route 66 between Seligman on the east and Topoc on the west is probably the best preserved and still in-use piece of the historic road.

scenic driving
5 years ago

We've diven this route several times. For some, it is just a small desert road with limited services, and much of the scenery consisting of parallel-traveling trains. But I'm a minor Rte 66 junkie. If you go east of Kingman, you get to see Seligman, AZ, one of the great Rte 66 towns. Touristy and kitschy, but it is magnetic. You have to stop at Delgadillo's Snow-Cap for lunch, along with an odd collection of American, European and Asian tourists, and bikers. Try to meet Angel Delgadillo at his barbershop/gift store up the street. I had the real thrill of sharing lunch with his brother Juan before he passed. Recently, I helped Angel open up for Sunday business. If you go west of Kingman, you go to Oatman. This part of Route 66 was never on the TV show, but Clark Gable and Carole Lombard found it for their honeymoon. You have to go up 800', though a pass, along a dirt road with numerous switchbacks and no guardrails. A thrill I am glad I experienced though I don't plan on repeating it. In Oatman, you visit a touristy near-ghost town with semi-wild mules that beg for handouts. Those in the know bring carrots with them from Kingman.