Hassayampa River Preserve

DIFFICULTY 2 reviews

Hassayampa River Preserve is located near Wickenburg, AZ. The trail is primarily used for hiking and off road driving.

1900 feet


off road driving

7 days ago

first, this app is SO FAR OFF it's ridiculous. this is not the first time I've followed the instructions and the GPS exactly only to be misled by anywhere from 1 mile to in this case several miles.

I followed the directions exactly which took me and my wife on a 20 mile drive off the main Highway through difficult four wheel drive territory only to be met with a gate at a private residence where we still according to the app had to drive another 6 miles.

disappointed, and out of options we turned around and went back down the same rock filled 4x4 Road way.

on our way out we stopped approximately 6 miles from Highway 60 while we were still on the dirt road and walked down the river bed which led us to the Hassayampa River.

despite this screwed-up app, we had a wonderful 5 mile hike around the Hassayampa River and surrounding Mountainside.

Tom & Loretta

5 months ago

Lovely little surprise trail and stop. :-)