Top of the World Highway

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Top of the World Highway is a 79 mile trail located near Tok, Alaska. The trail is primarily used for scenic driving and is best used from May until November.

79.0 miles

scenic driving

2 years ago

The road from Dawson City, YT to the road intersection south of TOK has many places to look at the beautiful scenery. The area is especially desolate and there are few facilities along the drive. The town of Chicken has some interesting art, a music festival, mining artifacts, and the standard tourist paraphernalia - and a real funky little bar. The road is packed clay on the Canadian side and paved and degraded paved on the American side and can be quite messy when the weather is bad - which is often. There are some small side hikes but the really spectacular scenery is a long way off with no real access from the road.