Steese Highway with Chena Hot Springs Road Side Trip

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Steese Highway with Chena Hot Springs Road Side Trip is a 162 mile trail located near Fairbanks, AK. The trail is primarily used for trail running and scenic driving and is accessible from May until November.

162.0 miles

scenic driving

trail running

4 years ago

This entry is completely misleading. The Steese Highway is not a trail: it is a paved highway that accesses several trail systems in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. Chena Hot Springs is accessed via the 58-mile Chena Hot Springs Road leading out of Fairbanks: again, there are a number of nice trails and trailheads in the Chena River Recreation Area where CHSR is located.
(If this is the quality of all the information at the website, there are going to be a lot of lost and confused hikers nationwide!)

scenic driving
5 years ago

Didn't do the Hot Springs, but Steese was the start of our drive up the haul road to Coldfoot. A long, but scenic drive and worth the effort.

off road driving
6 years ago

I drove up the Steese to CHSR and it was a great trip. There are so many trails that come off of Chena Hot Springs. My favorite is the Campaue Trail at mile marker 29. Once I got there I took my four wheeler back on the trail. Once you get ten miles back in there the trail goes along a mountain ridge. The view is spectacular!!!