Delta Clearwater River

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Delta Clearwater River is a 28 mile trail located near Delta Junction, Alaska. The trail is primarily used for whitewater kayaking and is best used from April until October.

28.0 miles

whitewater kayaking

4 years ago

I have traveled this river several dozen times over a 20 year period. It is easily possible to access this water-course at the Delta Clearwater Campground, Clearwater Lake, and the Richardson Highway / Trans-Alaska Pipeline crossing of the Tanana River. Very nice, calm float trip. It is possible to travel from the Campground to the lake (roughly 4 hours), from the lake to the Tanana Bridge (roughly 4 hours), or from the campground clear through to the Tanana Bridge (roughly 7 hours). I've made this float in canoes, rafts, even inner-tubes. The Clearwater River and the Clearwater lake both outlet into the Tanana River within 1 mile of each other. If you wish to exit at the lake, the trick is noticing when to turn upstream into the lake outlet. If you miss, you MUST continue downstream to the Tanana River bridge. The current in the main channel of the Tanana is to strong to paddle against and thick with silt. Roughly 1/2 mile before the Clearwater River merges with the Tanana River a side-channel of the Tanana merges and turns the river muddy. From here, watch for the first clear stream entering from the left. this is the lake outlet. If exiting at the lake, turn in here and paddle upstream 3 miles to the lake (very gentle current). It is only about 100 yards past this point when the main channel of the Tanana is joined and it is no longer possible to return. Have Fun!