Pisgah Gorge

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Pisgah Gorge is a 1.5 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Pisgah, AL that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and birding and is accessible year-round.

1.5 miles Out & Back






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1 year ago

This has breathtaking views of the gorge and waterfall. It's not much of a hike as it's only about 1 mile, but the views are worth it! Make sure to go around the whole trail

1 year ago

You get what you take from this trail, literally. To start with there are no clear driving directions to this trail. The trail is located at the back of Pisgah Civitan Park, the address for that is available online. However that is something we discovered on our own. You're there when you see a sign about waist high on a fence that says, Pisgah Parking, with an arrow pointing to your left. That is the parking area, and the trail is to the left thru the gate. If you drive thru the gate you will be at risk of getting locked in, as we were told by a local. Walk thru the gates and when the driveway forks, go right. This park is run down, so expect nothing great there. It's not a play place for kids, but a gathering place for local events. After the road forks, you'll soon come to a wooden overlook. That's the first waterfall, and there is no way to get down to it other than rappelling, trust me, we tried. We navigated thru dead trees and brush that had been pushed to the side, yes, towards the water side of the trail, and after getting through all that it's basically a cliff. The waterfall is beautiful, although it was hard to see because of the sun glaring. We went midday. If you're facing the wooden overlook, to the right is the main trail. I've hiked a lot of trails and this one is nothing special. For some reason when they were clearing it out, they pushed all the dead trees over to the left, which is the creek bank. It's very cluttered and blocks any scenic views. If you go down this trail in approximately 1/4 of a mile, you will come to a small wooden bridge. On your left you will see a overgrown trail that goes down a dried up riverbed. We decided not to do this at first and followed the trail out to the overlook that we'd read about. It's maybe 1/2 mile to it from the start of the trail. It's a very small area, on a rock, that is beautiful, but dangerous. There is no railing and the ground did not seem stable there to us. Heading back we decided to try the overgrown trail down the riverbed. The trail to the overlook is great for beginners, nothing that strenuous. However, the trail by the small wooden bridge is VERY strenuous. It's approximately 130 ft down to the bottom and after about the first 20 ft you are walking on rocks, from big to small, going steeply down hill. It wasn't enjoyable to me and I normally don't mind strenuous, but literally every step you take you are hoping the rock doesn't shift. And they do. When we got to the bottom we were on top of the second waterfall. It was beautiful but it's for sure a lot of work to get there. I wrote this detailed review to properly inform anyone thinking about hiking this trail, because we couldn't find that much out beforehand. To sum it up, I wouldn't hike it again. It was beautiful but we were constantly trying to figure out which way to go, and wondering if it was worth it. We hike a lot, but this area is dangerous, and I can only imagine the snakes if it were summertime. On top of that, it was an hour drive for us to get there. For locals, it may be ok, but don't drive a long distance for this one!

1 year ago

No water and overgrown

1 year ago

Two beautiful waterfalls and if you manage to get to the bottom of the second falls, there is an arch that is awesome!!

3 years ago

Very easy trail! Part of it is not too good, but the waterfalls are pretty. Great for beginner!

4 years ago

There is a very small side trail at the small wooden bridge the trail leads off to the left down into the gorge and ends up on top of the lower falls.