Palombara Sabina To Monte Gennaro Loop

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Palombara Sabina To Monte Gennaro Loop is a 4.3 mile loop trail located near Palombara Sabina, Lazio, Italy that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

4.3 miles 1499 feet Loop

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The route runs through the foothills of south-western slope of Monte Gennaro where you appreciate the elements of man-made design with antique rural macere of dry stones, plants and famous of the ancient Sabine olive groves, hedges of demarcation where archaeological sites are included and historical value and of great importance as the vast complex of terraces and the impressive Roman ruins of the Castrum of Castiglione. The trail takes you to the limits of the formation of dense and luxuriant holm oak in high bush with elements of Mediterranean and Balkan origin of species of great interest.

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