Nore Valley Walk: Kilkenny to Bennetsbridge

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Nore Valley Walk: Kilkenny to Bennetsbridge is a 6.3 mile point-to-point trail located near Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Ireland. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

6.3 miles 754 feet Point to Point



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One of three sections of the Nore Valley Walk, following the River Nore. The Nore Valley Walk is the flagship project of Trail Kilkenny. The walk will stretch from Kilkenny city to Inistioge and follow the River Nore. The walk is divided into three sections: 1. Kilkenny to Bennetsbridge 2. Bennetsbridge to Thomastown 3. Thomastown to Inisitoge This walk details the Kilkenny city to Bennetsbridge section. The Nore Valley Walk starts in Kilkenny city at the Lacken Walk. At the end of Maudlin Street there is a small car park which leads to the Lacken Walk. Follow the Lacken walk to Ossary Bridge and then continue along the Nore Valley Walk. The Nore Valley Walk is signposted from here to Bennetbridge. After 2km along the river bank the trail heads through a laneway and onto the Sion Road. Follow this road for 1.5km then cross a green stile, through a field and back to the river bank. The route takes you through a farmland, ruined mills, woods and then to the village of Bennetsbridge.

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I guess, it must be a really good hiker to manage 12.1 km in 1 hour as this trip is in the activity Walking!

6 years ago

Hi Trail_Kilkenny. My name is Barry, alias thedogdosingstrip. In 1993, while visiting my cousin in Kilkenny ( She and her husband own/run Kytlers Inn) I purchased a mountain-bike for the purpose of cycling about Ireland. Before I left Kilkenny I spent the week prior cycling around the area you have mentioned in your guide. Viewing your guide has brought back so many very-fond memories of the very-beautiful countryside that surrounds Kilkenny. So much so that I was reluctant to leave.
I have decided to connect with you so I can keep up-to-date with your group and your trips/guides.
Keep up the great work.