Secord Forest Oak Ridges Trail

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Secord Forest Oak Ridges Trail is a 3.1 mile trail located near Uxbridge, ON. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round.

3.1 miles



Oak Ridges Morraine Trail Association , Admin PHONE: 905-833-6600

1 month ago

Picturesque during the fall. Very aromatic.

2 months ago

Nice trail. Saw some Quail and the area around the dam is very pretty. Mosquitos veryyyyy irritating and I did leave with quite a few souvenir bites. Pet cemetery very interesting and cute. Didn't even know it was as large as it was until I got there!

5 months ago

1 year ago

Looked like a lovely trail, took some photos at the beginning which I've uploaded here but the mosquitos were unbelievable. We're talking clouds of them. Will try again. Lovely spot, sad little pet cemetary.