Rouge Park - Cedar Trail

MODERATE 8 reviews

Rouge Park - Cedar Trail is a 9 mile loop trail located near Toronto, ON and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round.

9.0 miles 606 feet Loop



Rouge Valley , Louis Yeager PHONE: 905-713-6038

5 days ago

trail running
6 days ago

Trail running. First time at this park. Went for a 9 mile run. Overall it was a good trail. It did get a little confusing a couple of times with all of the smaller trails that branch off without any markings. I wanted to find something with soft surface where I could get a decent number of miles, so it worked perfect for that.

1 month ago

It was a good park to have a fairly easy walk on, with only a few steep hills. The only negatives I had were the lack of consistent trail markers and the relatively boring scenery after we left the creek. We ended up getting lost because the trail markers petered out and there were lots of side trails, and the middle section was just rough gravel. Nice and long, with places to loop around if you want a shorter walk. Dogs are on leash only. There is only street parking.

2 months ago

4 months ago

Very easy, nothing too exciting to see but a nice way to start if you aren't a hiker!

7 months ago

Good trail, very simple for all ages, still muddy right now so have proper footwear.

1 year ago

hiked this on 5.3.15 eith my neice,great little hike with lots of trees. very easy anyone csn do this