Pine Grove Forest Trail Loop

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Pine Grove Forest Trail Loop is a 6.1 mile loop trail located near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that features a great forest setting. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running.

6.1 miles 803 feet Loop

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Great easy walking trail April-Nov for aging dogs. Also excellent for an easy to follow snowshoe in the winter if people would refrain from trudging on the ski / snow shoe trails.

2 years ago

We did section 44.
Terrain - flat, wide path with gravel in parts, mostly water in the forest base, 2 small wooden foot bridges, Feet stayed dry the whole time.
Population: There were some mosquitoes but not many. I got bit once maybe twice and my friend a few times within the first 15 minutes. Didn't come across any other wild life. We went by 1 jogger the first 15 minutes, 1 bicyclist the 2nd 15 minutes and when we got back to the parking area there was a couple barbequing at the picnic table.
Serenity: Planes overhead. close but mild traffic can be heard near one of the bends.
Latrine at Davidson Road parking lot. Wide path ensures its well lit before sunset.