North Simcoe Rail Trail

MODERATE 3 reviews

North Simcoe Rail Trail is a 18.6 mile trail located near Springwater, ON. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and mountain biking.

18.6 miles


mountain biking

23 days ago

Hiked from Phelpston to Flos Road 7. Very pleasant hike. Straight and level so not a physical challenge but relaxing and very scenic.

road biking
3 months ago

I take the trail from Phelpston to Elmvale every once and a while, it is very nice, you pass a lot of farms and go through a lot of forest, there is grass growing in the middle of the path, While I was heading back I ran over either a Mississauga Rattlesnake or a Milksnake (I didn't see it until it was too late for the snake, it was a downpour)

9 months ago