Maple Keys Sugar Bush Trail

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Maple Keys Sugar Bush Trail is a 0.6 mile point-to-point trail located near Huron East, Ontario, Canada that features a great forest setting. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and walking.

0.6 miles Point to Point

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3 years ago

This is probably the most popular trail located within the Hullett Marsh, and for good reason. I think I've hiked it at least a dozen times, over my lifetime. It's easily accessible from a large parking area, just 3 km. from the town of Clinton. The trail passes through a large tract of mature, closed-canopy maple-beach forest. There are two loops - a short one, and another that is much longer. The longer loop passes an area of swamp and open water close to the center of the forest tract. Other connecting trails pass through old fields in various stages of succession. Maple is the dominant tree in much of this forest area. Also, the "bush" contains the remains of a long-abandoned maple sugaring operation - hence the trail name. The forest topography is somewhat rugged in places, and the trail surface can be rough, with some rocks and roots. Sturdy footwear should be worn. During wet times of year, rubber boots are recommended. Recently, I attended a successful "Owl Prowl" event, after dark in mid-October 2013. Birdwatchers should know that the area is "birdy" and the woods contain good numbers of Eastern Screech Owls. People wishing to hike this trail should know that there is no sign board with a map, and sometimes trail maps (in the bright yellow boxes) are not available. Fortunately, the trail is easy to follow, and well marked.