Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail

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Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail is a 7.5 mile trail located near Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh, Ontario, Canada and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Horses are also able to use this trail.

7.5 miles


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road biking
1 year ago

While we enjoyed the trail very much the railroad bridge was out at the Maitland River and there was no bridge that we could find to cross to connect with the extension to Auburn. The trail itself was well maintained but you had to pay attention as it is not a wide graveled rail bed as some rail trail conversions are, but was two tracks with a grass median and you needed to stay focused to not get out of the track. There were a couple of places of rough gravel and loose finer gravel and a couple of mucky spots, but nothing too difficult to traverse. We came across quite a few people near the Goderich end walking dogs without leashes. Excellent views of Goderich and the river at the start of the trail. Lots of birds, butterflies - a real treat for nature lovers. Benches placed periodically along the trail for breaks, picnics, etc.

3 years ago

I have some corrections to make on my review which I posted earlier. The "former railroad bridge" is the Menesetung bridge, and the "junction" on the north end is where three trails meet. The Menesetung Trail is the one that runs west, to the "Heritage Oak". I stated that it is "300 years old". The interpretive sign near the oak states that it began growing circa 1780 - which makes the oak closer to 200 years old. The other trail is the Old Menesetung trail. A detailed map for all the trails is on a sign just west of the trail junction (north end of bridge) Both the Menesetung trail and the Old Menesetung trail are very good trails that I can highly recommend. Be warned, some sections of the Old Menesetung trail are very hilly and fairly difficult.

3 years ago

This trail follows the rail bed of the abandoned Goderich - Guelph line. As such, it is wide, firm, mostly smooth, and dry. The trail passes through a wide range of natural environments, including mature deciduous forest and wetlands. In some sections, the raised rail bed offers a high viewpoint for nature observation. It's ideal for cycling, especially near the west end, which has an improved surface. The westernmost portion (nearest the town of Goderich) is the most interesting, The trail crosses the Maitland river on the former railroad bridge, which has been converted pedestrian use and has a wide, safe wooden board surface. This high bridge offers impressive views of the Maitland river and valley. The north end of the bridge is at the junction of a trail which follows the river valley west, through a variety of successional forest and woodland, and past a 300-year-old heritage oak tree. It terminates near a private marina, at a road which leads to a trailer park.