California Road Trail

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California Road Trail is a 6.2 mile trail located near Lanark Highlands, ON. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, scenic driving, and snowshoeing and is accessible year-round.

6.2 miles

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scenic driving



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off road driving
1 year ago

The California Road Trail is a nice drive in the country. Some sites say you need 12” clearance on your vehicle to navigate the trail. That’s an exaggeration. You could drive the trail in a stock SUV without any problem and didn’t encounter any sections where anything but a low-rider would get stuck.

The road has quite a few houses on it near the southern end. What surprised me were how many homes / cottages were so far into the road without apparent signs of electricity (not even solar panels). There are a couple of pretty big farms about ½ way up that look like they are completely off the grid.

I’ll give the road another try sometime after the snow falls to see how far up it’s maintained in winter. I can see how some of it might be a mess come spring thaw, but it must be beautiful in the summer and spectacular in the fall.

Although I listed the “Activity” as Off Road Driving, it really should read “Back” road driving.