Snake Indian Falls

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Snake Indian Falls is a 30 mile out and back trail located near Alberta, Alberta, Canada that features a waterfall. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking.

30.0 miles 920 feet Out & Back

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4 months ago

Stayed at seldom inn, brutal hike on the feet but so worth it. Saw a black bear on trail coming down. We scared it off with bear banger. The falls were spectacular and the trail was deserted and pristine

mountain biking
1 year ago

First off this is not a trail for the light- come prepared, bring a bike and if your speed is not the fastest prepare to do the camp over night route.

A girlfriend and I completed this trail in 8.5 hours with an hour lunch break and just enough time to get back to the parking lot before the sun started to fully drop behind the mountains. You have to time this trail out, as the drive into the trail head is a timed logging road with only one way access during the specified time.

When arriving at the trail head there was only a few cars parked and during the entire trip we did not see one other person (even at the over night back country camp spots).

The trail starts off with a big drop onto a man made bridge, (and what goes down must come up) as soon as you hit the bottom you are climbing your way back up on a decent incline. The trail then stays flat for almost an hour and a half, and you are riding your bike through thick forest on one side and forest edge/ forest on the other. Once you have passed the first camp site you will travel flat for approx 40 more minutes and then start to go down hill again, crossing a little creek with the next camp site on the other side. The trail then flattens out again until you come to a sandy mountain side that is narrow and going down hill. Once you have hit the bottom, you will ride along side the river (which Snake Indian Falls flows into). Do not be fooled into thinking that the falls are close, because they are not. You will have to ride up hill and then onto flat ground again for almost another two hours. Just before the water fall there will be a third camp site. We left our bikes here and hiked down approx 100feet.

This bike/hike was well worth it - this was one of the most surreal places in Alberta I have ever been. The loud rush of the water fall when you are facing it and then the quite relaxing feeling when you are sitting right on top of it will blow your mind. The best part, there was not another single human around except my friend. The total trip was 52K.