Old Goat Glacier Trail

MODERATE 5 reviews

Old Goat Glacier Trail is a 5.9 mile out and back trail located near Alberta, AB that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

5.9 miles 2692 feet Out & Back



A true gem in Kananaskis Country! The Old Goat Glacier offers opportunities to take great photos of forest floors with lots of greens and moving water. You also get a chance to see and feel a real glacier.

2 months ago

Great hike! Really gorgeous! A lot more beautiful and interesting than the few photos posted indicated, so I added a few more. We didn't go to the very very top at the Glacier as the clouds and a big storm were rolling in, but we went as high as we could, which gave amazing views. Mossy trails, rocks, roots, a creek, two waterfalls, and some scrambling bits. This hike has it all.

3 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike. It was rewarding from the start with damp forest floor, babbling brooks and an array of mushrooms and flowers to look at. We were in a hurry so didn't do the last difficult climb to the glacier, but plan to kill it next time.

4 months ago

Very good!!! There was about a 5km hike through the trees, which was easy to navigate through. You hit a rock bed and are faced with a long semi vertical rock face which is pretty easy if you're wearing proper footwear and are an experienced hiker! It's about another 5 to the glacier, and the views are pretty and rewarding!!

5 months ago

A good hike. It is quite flat for the first mile then, at the waterfall, a long steep climb (in rocks) of 300 meters to reach the beginning of the glacier. From this point, you'll have a nice view on the lake Kananaskis. You will need another 30-45 min to reach the glacier. Pretty cool to walk in the snow in june.

6 months ago

This hike is perfect if you want a hike where you can get a decent workout in but not be so exhausted that you can't enjoy the hike. The majority of the hike is along the creek and balanced between ascending and descending pathways. There are 3 'almost' scrambles starting at about 45min in. Towards the end there is a steep 2km scramble that is doable with some strategic planning. We finished in about 2h 45min. This hike was perfect and had something for everyone. Beauty, nature, exercise, and laughter!