Cline and Coral Canyons Loop

EASY 3 reviews

Cline and Coral Canyons Loop is a 4.8 mile loop trail located near Clearwater County, AB. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

4.8 miles 508 feet Loop

kid friendly


4 months ago

it's an easy trail with beautiful views of a canyon.

6 months ago

Good trail. We didn't complete the loop though. The loop trail wasn't clearly marked so we ended up continuing on the Cline River trail (it's a wider trail). Many trails branch off so this would be a fun area to explore. Due to poor trail markings and not as good of views as other trails in the area I am only giving it 3 stars. I would go again though, I would just need to check my app to make sure I take the correct turn. We took our older dog on the trail. The trail is dog friendly (and is also used as a horse trail) but you will need to bring water for your pooch! There is a small creek near the beginning of the trail and a small watering hole a little farther in but that's it for water!

2 years ago

This was a pleasant surprise, we took to the trail from the Coral and White Coat Waterfall trail head. With very little to no trail markers, we headed up the trail to a point where we decided to cross the creek very early in the hike. We continued straight back into the bush following the horse trails, we came another point where we had to make another choice, the trail turned to the right or went straight, again we carried on straight! Thats where we came to the Coral Canyon! Wow what a surprise as we did not read the Trail details on All Trails. We just wanted to see more so we carried on with no trail markings we made it to the only Trail Mark we found that lead us to the Coral Creek! Total in and out was 8.8Km 264M incline.