Janapar Trail - Tsar to Vardenis

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Janapar Trail - Tsar to Vardenis is a 21.4 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Khotovang, Kəlbəcər, Azerbaijan that features a lake. The trail is rated as difficult offers a number of activity options.

21.4 miles 3694 feet Point to Point




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Serious hike from the plateau of Tsar over the mountain range and down into Vardenis by Lake Sevan. As you climb to the pass and head over the mountain into Armenia proper, you are rewarded with great views of the surrounding mountains, plains, gorges and pastures. You'll come across very few people on this hike, possibly a few shepherds. Take all you need along with you. The trail follows light jeep tracks much of the time. It's relatively easy to follow, but the distance and the gains in elevation will be taxing, therefore this is considered a difficult hike. If you are not able to hike this distance in one day, you can break up the hike by overnighting in Ayrk or maybe Verin Shorzha. Alternatively you can try and catch a taxi/ride to or from one of these villages and Vardenis.

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