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short hike from Camp Walker. Perfect for people who want to get into the mountains but not use the whole day to do it.

Fun but challenging hike. Get ready to go up a lot of stairs! We went during August and it was quite humid. Fun views once you get to the top.

very good

Easily accessible, can be either a quick and easy trail or you can go for a long hike. Does get a little annoyingly crowded, but the proximity to Osan Air Base makes it worth while.

Great hiking! Not too crowded, and can choose whether to make it a little more f
Difficult or not(: had a great time!

excellent trail! walked there from Osan Air Base. it was a little tough finding the entrance. but once we got on the trail everything was fine. there was plenty of splits on the path where you can choose the tough way or the easy way. once we made it to the end, the view wasn't bad. on the way back we decided to take another route and got a little lost, so the signs could have been a little easier to understand.. but maybe that's the american in me. all in all.. GREAT TRAIL

really nice trails and awesome views

10 months ago

Not going to lie, this one kicked my ass a little. Granted it's been over 5 years since I last did it and my knees aren't what they used to be. Excellent hike nonetheless. The 4/5 stars is because you have to pay to enter the park now. I definitely recommend tackling the trails in the spring or the fall. Summer is very hot and the winter is icy to say the least.

Definitely crowded, at least when I went. But awesome fall colors around the end of October. Good view from the peak and great sunset. It still doesn't beat the 12000 ft peaks in the Sierra Nevada's where I'm from but good for South Korea. I'll probably be going back

1 year ago

easy walk/hike/trail-run in a woods. good for picnic or family hangout with kids/parents

Great trail for hiking and trail running. I had a blast!

I hiked this August of 2014 and loved it!! Pretty strenuous once you start up the 888 stairs to the top. Random little shops and restaurants on the way up which was fun. Very nice to get some ice cream on the way back down haha. The view at the top is amazing. I went earlier in the morning so it was still quite foggy but cleared up. Highly recommend this hike, or at least just vising the park.

Hiked this easy trail today with my boys. The hike to the waterfall is a nice easy stroll along a stream. The trail can then be continued up to the peak in better weather. Unfortunately that part of the trail was closed due to snow and we didn't have proper gear so the ranger wouldn't allow us to continue.

We completed this adventure with the whole family (included our two dogs). The hike is not long and is very easy to complete with only a 400 foot elevation gain to reach the small lookout peak. There are alternate routes listed on the map at the trailhead and it is possible to get to the beaches on the other side of the hill without going to the peak for an even easier stroll. Elephant rock is pretty cool to see and my kids enjoyed building rock towers with the large rounded rocks on the beach. The beach here is not sandy so don't expect to be able to lay out and sunbathe. Great experience and the adventure includes just finding the way here. We used GPS coordinates to reach the parking lot and enjoyed the ride. There is not very much information on this hike in English which just added to the adventure of it all. Great memories.

My family and I completed much of this hike this during the fall. The falls colors were great and the trail is exceptionally well maintained and marked. The best route is to go the full loop which goes up one side and then along the peak and down the other side. A portion of the trail crosses through a temple that resides in a cave. Since we had our two dogs with us we were unable to complete the loop and had to turn back and go another way to make it an out and back adventure for us. We may try again without the dogs another tie to get the full experience.

I completed this hike a couple of days ago with my two boys, ages 12 and 11. We completed the hike all the way to the peak which is about a 2000 ft elevation gain. The hike is difficult but very doable with a well marked and maintained trail the entire way. I would highly recommend this trail as it offers great diversity from forest to peaks and cultural temple sights along the way. We didn't have proper winter gear which made it a bit difficult and slippery near the top but by March it should be clear i would think.

road biking
1 year ago

This is a great trail for biking, running or walking, but it will be very heavily used in the summer months. It is also a great way to avoid traffic when traveling through Deagu on a bicycle.