2 months ago

Nice and easy trail just outside of Laramie. Rock formations were interesting and we saw a lynx!

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. Would have been better without the 5 classes of 5th graders :)

It was beautiful and not an overly exerting hike. I will be going back again.

4 months ago

mountain biking
4 months ago

Very good trail for beginners who want to learn to ride some rocks and roots but nothing "scary" by any means. Some loose sand or light gravel in some spots. Only a couple of spots they had to walk but an advanced rider won't have an issue.

Minimal elevation gain so great with dogs. There is a creek on the right side of the rock (see map pic. Blue dot is where the creek is for dogs).

Great family ride but still need good bikes. Don't bring your 30 year old cruiser. Tons of trails all over. All levels. It got the teen boy interested in riding with me!

5 months ago

nature trips
6 months ago

For my two years as a graduate student at U. of Wyoming, Happy Jack has been my go-to for emergency nature visits. At just 15 mins or so from Laramie, this trail is so easily accessible when I need to run my dogs or find some quiet. Surprisingly, even being so nearby I have more often than not found the place entirely to myself, though I've seen lots of cross-country ski tracks, trail runners, and the like year round. The only disadvantages to this place are the fact that snow comes heavy and often makes the trailhead inaccessible by vehicle, and also that the nearby highway can snap your dream state at certain points in the trail. High summer months also bring intolerable waves of biting flies and mosquitoes. I have seen moose in these parts more than any other land animal, as they especially like the mountain pools. I have had some really joyful experiences with this very convenient trail, especially with my dog who loves it even more than me. I'll be sad not to have this in my backyard anymore.

It was an easy hike, mellow and nice scenery. There were lots of families of all ages around. So for those who are newbie hikers or have little ones it's a great little hike. Lots of places to picnic at so pack a lunch, a camera and some binoculars because there are moose around the area as well. We saw three a couple summers ago.

A nice little hike, the scenery doesn't change much but I grew up here.

trail running
6 months ago

Great trail with easy signage. The area is beautiful and the trail is in great condition. Ran into a herd of cattle... So that was interesting!

7 months ago

A great family trail. It is moderately trafficked. Very easy to access from I-80. The trail is in great shape right now.

Haven't been on a hike in forever and was not disappointed when my boyfriend and I decided to go here on they last day I was there on 05/28/2016! There is definitely some beautiful scenery on this trail!!

Was really looking forward to a trail run up from Denver, but the directions lead me to private property with a gate under lock & key. Any locals have directions to this place? I ended up running laps at Washington Park-Lame-oh well maybe next time.

Brought the mileage tracker with today and with one detour up the rocks it totaled 3.9 miles. This included the Turtle Rock loop. Great trail with light traffic easy enough for the whole family.

3 years ago

Further adventures in Happy Jack....I was relieved of the inconvenience of my real job early in the day, so after an hour or so of preparation, I loaded up a snowboard and went to Happy Jack with a two buddies and my father in tow. The first trail we found was a bunny slope and after a few trips down and back the three of us decided it best to find steeper fair. After a mile drive down an access road we found a hill to our liking and took turns riding this slope once each. I highly recommend this area for any one who just wants to do one or two good board runs. Riding down is fast, furious and the walk back up is tiring and sweat inducing. We ended our trip with a round of Hack and coffee. As an added note; our spot was to the left of the Tie City turn off.

rock climbing
3 years ago

I can not say that I was on any ski trail but I was in the general vicinity of Happy Jack Road and spied with my little eye a wonderful rock formation. As it seemed to be taunting me I pulled off the road and skipped across a field to its base. The wind (its Wyoming why wouldn't there be wind) was coming from the west so I climbed up the east slope of this formation. Half way up I found a bolt set. "Why would someone bolt this?" I said. I found what I thought would be an easy route, then got stuck, then after an adrenaline filled moment or two found a new path. On top of the formation I could plainly see the wind farm off in the distance, It was a great way to start my morning . Even if your just wanting a nice Sunday drive hop on Happy Jack. Bored with Highway? Blair-Wallis cuts through the NP and connects a road that will take you back to the Linclon head rest stop or there is Veudawoo road which will lead you back into...Veudawoo.

Great little loop. It is not 5.5 miles as advertised, there may be 5.5 miles of trails including all the little sprout trails but not the loop its self as you would think. The loop is about 2 miles at best, but the scenery is different all the way around and it is nice. Next time I will take better shoes and climb the rocks and get to the top.

Not a lot of people the day I went but there were still people on the trails. More climbing rocks.

Your protected by trees most of the way so if it is windy (like the day I went) you will be protected.

Beautiful walk.

I saw zero mountain bikers in the entire vicinity of Medicine Bow National Forest. All hikers and rock climbers as far as I could tell so I don't know why it's listed as a mountain biking trail? Also, you can make the trail shorter by dipping in and out of parking lots. It was a nice quick hike that the dogs enjoyed! There were a TON of people here for Labor Day weekend but the hike was relatively uncrowded and pleasant.

Incredible scenery and long enough to give you a workout. For extra fun and exercise, try and scramble up to the top of turtle rock. I made it 30 feet short of the top in hiking boots, but will try again and pack my climbing shoes when it gets up there.