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11 days ago

Fun hike with dope view

Fun small hike I did with family lots of nature and lots of nice people to meet.

Super awesome ! It's not complicated to get to and it's relatively a short hike.

28 days ago

meh. alot of it is an ATV track. there is a pretty lookout at the top, very muddy in late October

1 month ago

It is uphill and hard for sure! Took us about an hour and a half to get up to the top, but the view was breathtaking! Worth it! I would totally do it again!

This is the Palisades Creek trail. Same at the Upper Palisades Lake trail, just stopping at the Lower Lake. One of my favorite hikes! Beautiful in November

Beautiful Hike! It was muddy and there was slippery from Ice at times but no snow! I would recommend it especially during the summer. The lake was pretty and would have been great to swim in if it were a bit warmer.

Went on this trail two weeks ago! It is great this time of the year with the color of the trees! It is a trail that is worth checking out!

Amazing hike, so beautiful the whole way and the cave is well worth it! It's huge with a beautiful waterfall!

1 month ago

easy, good for conversation as you are not out of breath.

Hiked in on October 23. I would like to do this again in the summer. I guess I'm out of shape because this hike was not easy. It kicked my butt but it was well worth it. It took us three hours to get to the Upper Lake and about the same to get out. I agree with everyone about the horse poop and mud.

We went October 10, 2016. The trail was muddy and had some standing water until the last .25 miles. From there it was snow covered. We ascended to the mouth of the wind cave, which was a little difficult since it was snow and ice covered. We slipped a few times but since this was one of our favorite hikes, we wanted to get to the entrance. The waterfall was still present although the amount of water was reduced due to the time of the year. Getting down from the cave to the monument was hard due to the snow and ice.

We have hiked this trail from June to October. I think October is a little late if you want to do some cave exploring. Enjoy.

Great view! Really easy, good for a relaxed date.

This was a fun hike! The lakes are beautiful! A bit muddy in the fall and pretty busy in the afternoon. We saw 3 moose the day we went!

2 months ago

Too much snow to get all the way to the caves! But beautiful!

Beautiful the whole way.