America's Aquarium in Stone Some of the world's best preserved fossils are found in the flat-topped ridges of southwestern Wyoming's cold sagebrush desert. Fossilized fishes, insects, plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals are exceptional for their abundance, variety, and detail of preservation. Most remarkable is the story they tell of ancient life in a sub-tropical landscape. Monument grounds are open sunrise to sunset. The entrance road gate is closed only during severe winter storms. The upper road accessing the picnic area, Chicken Creek Nature Trail (previously Fossil Lake Trail), and scenic drive closes November 1st until the snow melts, usually by late May.

This trail loops around with some points of interest posted along the way explaining how the water used to attract ancient wildlife around the lake shore and left evidence behind buried that is currently being excavated. The dinosaur bones are on exhibit in the visitor center. I found this center very tiny and the trail is extremely boring. It is also very isolated from any civilization. I did see pronghorn along the road.

Good training trail. Some interesting historical sites. Rocky, elevation climb. Wildlife.